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Mia Sultanik, LMSW

supervised by Brandi Winters, LCSW

Mia Sultanik, LMSW

Mia Sultanik, LMSW

Autism Spectrum Disorders are the subject of ongoing discussions and research. It crosses all cultures, races, religions and genders. One aspect that makes such a diagnosis so difficult is the inconsistent nature of what it “looks” like. Even more so, when someone we love has a diagnosis of ASD, it can feel overwhelming.

You, as a parent, experience many feelings from the time you realize your child may be having difficulties to the time of official (or unofficial) diagnosis and on into school and beyond. Do you feel emotionally overwhelmed, socially isolated and as though you are working so hard to help your child that you have no other time for your family and, more importantly, yourself? It can be consuming, at best. You may be a master at making your life appear easy or ideal on the outside but inside it feels chaotic. You might even tell yourself that "others have it worse" so I shouldn't feel this way. 

You have a right to what you are feeling.

There is no question that we would do anything to support our child with ASD, just as we would any other child. They are LOVED! To navigate through personal feelings, family’s and friends’ reactions, finding resources and worrying about the future while doing what we can to live in the now can be a path to loneliness. I’ve personally been there. I have worked with parents like us for over a decade. I get it.

Working together, I can help you learn how to lessen the exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed. It’s time to balance life so you don’t give in to the feelings of emotional fatigue and guilt, being overwhelmed and stuck in that proverbial quicksand! My goal is to work with you, your family or the siblings of your child (often the “invisible” members of the family) with ASD to come together as a family so everyone can float to the top again and realize you are ALL important.

I am also work directly with children with ASD to help them cope with social and anxiety issues. I am happy to work alongside neurologists, occupational, speech and physical therapists and teachers as well.

I aim to provide a safe, compassionate and confidential environment for each of my clients. My goal is to foster a strong therapeutic relationship with you as my client so the outcome proves beneficial to your ongoing quality of life.

I do not come from a "one size fits all" approach in supporting others. I value each person who walks into my office as an individual and want to know who you are. I start with where you are and we work together as a team from that point.

I work with all ages and my therapeutic approach is eclectic; a blend of person-centered, Family-Systems, psychodynamic, Trauma Focused CBT, CBT, Gestalt along with some therapeutic art and play approaches. Most importantly, I encourage all with whom I work to aim toward a balanced life.